Bar Frida – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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Halloween at Bar Frida: a tradition of fun.

Special Surprise Ceremony on October 31st at 11pm.  Costume Contest Judging at midnight. 



2008 Halloween Costume Contest winner Paco, of Paco Paco Nightclub fame. Paco made this costume at home and won most of the contests in town and then went to Gaudalajara the next night and did it again.

Halloween at Fridas is a Vallarta Tradition.  There is something about the spirit of Frida (ask the bartenders about the bar stools that seem to move on their own)mixed with the creativity of the costumed crowd that is always the perfect combination for a great time.  Frida’s contest draws a very nice assortment of costumes and this year, the staff will be doing a special “wedding party” event.  Watch for surprise guests to arrive thoughtout the night to ‘shake things up’.  Wear your favorite costume and join the fun!  You might win and you’ll definitely have fun!

Saturday, October 31st at Fridas.

 Also this week at Fridas: Check out the new menu additions and the new LATE NIGHT MENU.  Frida’s kitchen will be serving until 1am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  (Till 11:30pm other nights!)  Great for the late night munchies!  Have you tried Frida’s burgers?  The best in town!  Our hot wings are becoming legendary too!


Bag of Drag night Aug 4, 2009

The idea was simple.  Customers brought in a bag (ok Tom supplied a few of us with great bags!) with various drag items inside.  Those who brought a bag drew a number.  One by one, we put on whatever was in the bag (with Abner’s assistance) and while it sounds kinda silly….its a guaranteed good time.   Try it at your next party!  Here are some pics of the drag hags.