Bar Frida – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Help Tom to walk again! – Fundraiser


Hi Everyone!

You all know Tom Finley as the owner, face & spirit of Bar Frida in Puerto Vallarta. He and Luis are beloved members of the PV community.

Some of you are aware that Tom’s recent health issues  have adversely affected his mobility.  In early September, when he traveled to Canada to visit family, his worsening condition caused him to seek medical attention there. His one week holiday became an urgent investigation of his mystery condition.  Following a battery of tests, it was revealed that his medical issues are far more serious than first realized, requiring him to have urgent brain surgery.

On Wednesday Sept 21, Tom is scheduled to have a VP shunt placed in his brain to relieve the pressure that has  been causing him to be unable to walk. We hope it will bring him back to walking without assistance.  Without this surgery, the damage will quickly progress and eventually have a catastrophic effect on other systems also.

Reluctantly, both Tom and Luis are humbly reaching out to all of us, their good friends and loyal customers, for some much needed financial help during this difficult time. Tom’s medical costs are mounting quickly and unfortunately he has no insurance coverage. Their  request is not made lightly, and they only agreed after the encouragement of some close friends and family.

If you are able to help, please consider a financial donation to this campaign to assist Tom in his quest to get better and return to his beloved Vallarta and Bar Frida as soon as possible. No amount is too small and any help is much appreciated.  Donations are also welcome in person at Bar Frida.

On behalf of Tom and Luis, we thank you so very much for your consideration and generosity. Let’s look forward to seeing Tom walk back into Fridas where he belongs!

Get the Frida tequila ready!

Donate here: GoFundMe Campaign link:

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