Bar Frida – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Abner’s Wedding Shower!

Abner, left with fellow bartenders Blanca and David.

Abner, left with fellow bartenders Blanca and David.

While we are so happy for long-time bartender, Abner for finding the love of his life, we’re going to miss him at Bar Frida. But, before he ties the not right here at Bar Frida on July 18 during an invitation only wedding event, we’re throwing a shower for him on Tuesday, July 14 at 8pm. Join us if you can for a toast to one of the sweetest guys we’ve ever known. Lucky for us, he’ll be in nearby Tepic, where he’ll be joining his partner to live. I’m sure we’ll see him back from time to time.

If you know Abner, you know there is no replacing him. There is simply not another like him. All the best to he and his hubby to be! We love you!


One response

  1. Robert Harkins


    Siento muy feliz para ti, pero en verdad estoy un poco triste que solo te conoci tambien en el mayo y ya estas moverse de Vallarta. Se que Jose haceria estado feliz para tu amor. Gracias para me dijiste de la vida de Jose en Cancun. Espero a regresar en Vallarta tambien en el deciembre y tal vez visitaras hasta que estoy alli. Felicidades, amigo. Por favor, Blanca y Hugo dices “hola” para mi. Gracias.

    Roberto de Seattle (y Jose Hernandez)

    July 21, 2009 at 3:47 AM

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